"I will strive to obtain justice for victims and their families, accountability for offenders, and a better, safer quality of life for the Pueblo community. 

Our citizens deserve nothing less."

Here's my vision for Pueblo as your next District Attorney

Prioritizing violent and repeat offenders, motor vehicle theft, and collaboration with local and federal law enforcement partners.
Conducting interactive town halls and social media updates to improve communication and education for
Pueblo citizens.
Recruiting skilled attorneys to enhance legal capabilities and prosecution effectiveness to best serve Pueblo.

Lady Justice represents the personification of Justice in our society.

Lady Justice holds a set of scales that show if the evidence in court weighs more on one side or the other. This helps decide who’s right or wrong. The scales promise that everything will be handled fairly and truthfully. She’s like the referee of the law, always standing strong against the bad guys.

She wears a blindfold to show that she doesn’t care who you are—whether you’re rich or poor, famous or not, powerful or just an average Joe, no matter your race, gender, or beliefs. She’s all about being fair, so she keeps the blindfold on to make sure her decisions are just and equal for everyone.

The sword she carries is a sign that she means business. It shows that she has the power to enforce the law and that her decisions are to be respected. It also means that once she’s heard all the evidence, she can make a quick and firm decision, which could go either way. But most importantly, she’s there to make sure the good folks are safe.

The snake under her feet? That’s a sign that she’s always one step ahead of evil and corruption, making sure the good side wins.

And the book she stands on? That’s the law book, which is based on our constitution. It’s the foundation of our legal system and what she uses to make her decisions.

As your next District Attorney, I vow to continue living by these principles every day. 

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